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Troy Augustine

Hello, I am Troy Augustine. I seldom use my middle name; however, my full name is Troy Stephen Augustine.

Troy Stephen Augustine comes from a mixture of Italian heritage and Native American Indian.  Troy Augustine is proud of his Italian heritage as well as his Native American Indian heritage.  Above all, in this great mixing pot, Troy Augustine is an American. Troy Augustine’s grandfather, Domenico D'Agostino was born in Piana di Caiazzo, Caserta, Campania, Italy.Throughout the nation there are several men named Troy Augustine and Troy Stephen Augustine.  Some of the Augustine’s have had problems with the law in the distant past and as a result have their pictures posted on and other negative information sites.  Because of the problem with the negative information websites and the problems that they create for Troy Augustine in obtaining employment and housing, Troy has asked one of his friends that knows how to address negative internet information to help him. Troy Augustine’s friend, who operates a website that provides information on and other mugshot type websites, and who is beginning to branch into informing others of how to address negative online information has agreed to assist Troy in cleaning up his online reputation.This profile, with the permission of is the first of that series of blog entries informing other of how to repair their online reputation.

Troy Augustine's Background

Troy Augustine's Interests & Activities

Gaming, coin collecting

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